Saturday, April 9, 2011

2nd chapter

Meeting Scarlet Creed
They walked to the Bentley and the two girls talked to each other about fighting skills and magic. Skulduggery got into the driver’s seat and Fletcher sat next to him, the two girls just kept talking in the back seats. Skulduggery tapped the two symbols and the face retracted from his skull into the symbols and he looked back at the girls and stared. Valkyrie stared back at him “what?” she said, “You girls are really annoying when you talk,” Skulduggery said, “So,” Scarlet replied, “you don’t stop talking that’s why.” Soon the car was in silence, Skulduggery looked at Fletcher and Fletcher nodded and they teleported in front of the building where China’s library was. Valkyrie stared at Scarlet and laughed, Scarlet’s face was green and she looked dizzy, she opened the car door and spewed on the road, she closed the door and everyone in the car stared at her “what?” she said “you barfed on the road,” Fletcher replied.
They all got out of the Bentley and walked into the building and climbed the stairs, on the third floor they all moved to the middle of the corridor and Skulduggery knocked on the door that had a plaque which said ‘Library’. A moment later a thin man answered the door and they all entered the room, the thin man lead the way and they all followed him into a small clearing in the middle of the room. In the middle of the room was the most beautiful woman Scarlet had ever seen, Scarlet just stared at her and that was the only thing she could do, “you’re really pretty, has anyone told you that before,” Scarlet said softly. Valkyrie brought her hands up to her face and shook her he head, China looked at her and frowned, “what’s wrong Valkyrie,”she said softly. “Nothing, it’s just that you’re always doing this to people, making them fall in love with you all the time.”
“I keep telling you Valkyrie, it’s not me, they just love me.”
“Oh really,”Valkyrie said sarcastically.
She turned to Skulduggery and smiled, “So who is the innocent girl you dragged along with you to this dangerous and cruel world this time?”
“This is Scarlet Creed, and I didn’t drag anyone into anything in the first place.”Skulduggery said.
China looked over at Scarlet and smiled. “Hello Scarlet, my name is China Sorrows and this is my library.”
“Hello China,” Scarlet said as she slapped herself.
China turned to Skulduggery, “so have you come for more information?”
“Nope, just wanted to introduce you to Scarlet,” Skulduggery said childishly.
“What a waste of my time,” China said.


  1. LOL
    This is faboulous Scarlet! :D
    I love the funny bits like the way poor Scarlet pukes on the road and falls in love with China.

    Great writng Scarlet!

  2. I like it, but I do have two things to say:
    1. You keep forgetting to put in capitals at the start of sentences with ". You write "hey" instead of "Hey". Work on that.
    2. Try to use more full stops. Your sentences are VERY long. So just work on that.

    Other than those two things it was FANTASTICAL!