Friday, April 8, 2011

1st chapter

The New Girl
Skulduggery parked the car on the side of the road; it was a 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental. Skulduggery got out of the Bentley and tapped the two symbols which were etched onto his collarbones, and waxy tanned skin covered his whole skull. He turned to Valkyrie and smiled.
“How do I look?”He asked.
“Bald,” she replied.
They turned to the orange coloured house standing on the other side of the road. It was a Saturday afternoon in Australia and there was a light breeze blowing at Valkyrie’s hair.”Where’s Fletcher?”
“Here I am,” Fletcher said, standing right in front of Valkyrie.
She smiled at him and turned to Skulduggery. “Why are we here?”She asked.
“To meet your biggest fan,” he replied in a happy tone.
“I have fans!”She said happily
“No, you have a fan,” he said.
“What’s their name?”
“Her name is Scarlet Creed.”
“Scarlet Creed? Where did she get that name?”
“She said she liked the name Scarlet, and she got Creed from a video game.”
“Weird,”Valkyrie said.
They approached the house and Skulduggery rang the door bell, and a young girl with black hair answered the door. Skulduggery was about to introduce himself when, the little girl took one glimpse at Valkyrie and ran up the stairs to the second floor. A few minutes later louder footsteps came down the stairs and an older looking girl stood in front of them. She looked a few years younger than Valkyrie and she hand long black silky hair, she wore a black jacket and dark blue jeans. Scarlet stared at Skulduggery as he smiled.
“Who are you?”She asked with a weird look on her face.
“My name is Skulduggery Pleasant and this is my partner-.”
“Stop,” she interrupted with a happy look on her face.
“I know who this is, I’m sure it’s Valkyrie Cain, right?”
Valkyrie smiled at her and nodded. “Oh my gosh, it’s Valkyrie Cain, I’ve heard so much about you and I’ve even....”She paused, turned around and ran back up the stairs. A few seconds later she came back down the stairs and was holding something in her hands, it was long and was wrapped in black cloth she handed it to Valkyrie and took the black cloth off at the same time. Valkyrie stared at it with surprise; it was a sword just like Tanith’s but thinner and lighter, she held the handle and pulled it out of its scabbard it was gleaming in the sun and Valkyrie smiled “thanks,” she said.
“It’s ok, it’s the least I can do, for someone who saved the world from evil more than once.”
Skulduggery looked at the sword then Scarlet “did you forge that,”he asked with a surprised tone.
“Yep, from magic,” she replied, and handed him a revolver.
He smiled at the revolver then Scarlet.
“Do I get something?”Fletcher asked from next to Valkyrie.
Scarlet handed him a Swiss army knife and he frowned at it. “Is that all?”he asked disappointed. Scarlet ignored him and talked to Skulduggery. “Why are you here?”She asked.
“We need someone to replace Tanith for a while until we can do something about the remmant inside of her.”
“Do you realise I am weaker than Tanith and Valkyrie.”
“Yes, I do know but we need someone who knows how to fight and is not a bad guy.”
“Ok, I’ll help you for as long as you want me to. This is gonna be fun,” She said happily.
“Thank you,” Skulduggery said as he nodded.
“Hold on,” she said, and went up the stairs again. A few minutes later she came back down again, this time she had a reflection with her, she wore a black leather jacket, black sneakers and a sleeveless tunic, she had a knuckle buster on her right hand and she slipped two swords into the scabbards which were criss-crossed on her back. The reflection moved into the back of the house and Scarlet walked out and locked the door behind her. “Ok, I’m ready,” she said.

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  1. Awesome! Very good start! I want more!! Write more!! Why is there no more yet?? I want mooooore!!! :D

  2. MOAR O:

    Would assassin's creed happen to be the aforementioned video game? :D

  3. This is WONDERFUL!

    Great story! Now I want MORE!



  4. ok i'm still writting the second part now